Successful weekend in Bromsgrove

Spent a good 24 hours canvassing and understanding issues in Bromsgrove followed by the party’s pub quiz. 

Out canvassing people are always happy to talk even if it’s just a grumble about politicians (surprisingly didn’t get that many). A couple of observations:

  1. People with dogs are very chatty and the nicest bunch to speak to.
  2. Much like I would be if I wasn’t out and about, a large number of people were still in dressing gowns at 12.30 on a Saturday, surprisingly they also seem the most likely to engage in conversation on the doorstep!

At the pub quiz we managed to raise enough money to send a round of literature to half the constituency, so not loads, but for a small local party vital funding. Equally as important was meeting people, especially youngsters (can walk fast and for longer!), who can help in the campaign canvassing and delivering literature.

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