Action not words on Climate Change

Yesterday I attended the climate change march in Central London with over thirty thousand protestors from the Lib Dems, Oxfam to the Anglican church. The march was calling on World Leaders to agree a deal at the Copenhagen Summit It was a good march, everyone was good natured and even the weather was set fair, even if it was slightly cold as we waited 2 hours before the march began. It was good to see a real mixture of people and age ranges. Simon Hughes the Lib Dem Climate Change and Energy spokesman was there to rally the troops during the march.

Liberal Democrats at the Climate Change March

Simon Hughes rallying the troops in a an old blue ski suit (theme was blue...)

 I don’t believe that doing nothing and burying our heads in the sand is the right way to approach environmental concerns. Regardless of whether you believe climate change is happening or not, we will soon be approaching peak oil (if we’re not already there), and any action to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels surely cannot be a bad thing when we know it will run out soon. 

With Ian McGrath, Bromley Lib Dem members secretary and former Bromsgrove High pupil c.1953


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