BNP to have a parliamentary candidate in Bromsgrove

For the first time ever in Bromsgrove the BNP will have a parliamentary candidate at a General Election, as revealed by the Bromsgrove Advertiser. This doesn’t surprise me as they fielded 9 candidates in the County elections this year, but what surprises me is the support they had, achieving c.10% of the vote in some wards.

The BNP are running on banning any possible mosques being built in Bromsgrove, but there are very few Muslims in Bromsgrove, and in fact ethnic minorities are only c.3% of the population, well below the national average.

So at the top level Bromsgrove does not seem to have the ingredients which could allow parties such as the BNP to pick up support. What it does indicate is that the main parties in the area have not listened, or addressed sufficiently, voter concerns and the BNP are able to pick up those who want to voice their anger. Ignoring the BNP will not make them go away. Only by engaging with the disaffected voters will this be possible, many are not racists, but are looking for someone to blame as they feel neglected by what the mainstream political parties offer.

I am prepared to debate (and listen) wherever and whenever with any political party or any voter. As the BNP’s appearance on Question Time showed, media exposure does not allow a platform to recruit more voters, but exposes the true nature of the party.


3 thoughts on “BNP to have a parliamentary candidate in Bromsgrove

  1. “… fact ethnic minorities are only c.3% of the population, well below the national average.”

    Well, 97% of the Bromsgrove population is native British and yet 2 out of three of the main Party candidates are not.

    Imposing candidates who in no way represent the electorate is a sure way of encouraging the BNP to succeed. Much effort is being expended across the UK to provide candidates who represent the heritage of electorates in areas with high concentrations of non-British ethnic groups.

    The British, however, are being explicitly denied that same right and branded “Racist” if we demand to be represented by a person of our own heritage.

    I predict the BNP will do well in the coming elections as they are the only Party who actually cares about the people as opposed to big business interests, Internationalist Socialism or Colonisation of the UK.

    • Mercian – I can’t speak for the other parties but I was short listed by the local Liberal Democrat Party Exec and then the members chose to vote for me. They were not forced to choose me and I was not given any preferential treatment. I went through exactly the same process as any male, female, left handed, bald, disabled, gay, white or ethnic minority member of our party would if they wanted to become an MP.

      As for Bromsgrove having 2 ethnic minority candidates, the individual parties choose the best person to represent the constituency and their party. The rival parties don’t sit around and work together to ensure there can only be one ethnic minority or gay candidate or half the candidates are female in an area.

      Representing an area doesn’t mean looking like them, it means being able to take their constituents issues and either doing something about it or ensuring the right person in government knows about the issue and pressuring them to do something.

      Are you seriously saying that regardless of the ability of an individual or the policies of the party, the overriding factor for you is what they look like?

  2. Can I just say that as a voter in Bromsgrove, I will categorically not be considering the ethnic heritage of the candidates in my decision when voting.

    A person of a different race to me, but who shares similar political views, is far more “representative” of me as a constituent than someone who is of the same race as me, but has different political views. It’s a mystery to me why this would even be an issue for anyone.

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