How long does it take to deliver leaflets to the whole parliamentary consituency?

Answer is, it depends on the constituency. Whether it is rural, lots of compact estates, full of flats etc. A lot also depends on the deliverers and the speed they can walk. There are approximately 35,000 homes in most constituencies and on average a deliverer can do 100 an hour.

So a just a small question of finding 350 man hours…and some may even do this more than once in an election campaign.

It does sound a lot but again it depends on how big the local party is, how many activists, how many activists are prepared to deliver to more than just a couple of streets. Bromsgrove Lib Dems are not a large local party but luckily its activity rate is high as a percentage of its membership, although I am pulling out all the stops with my mum, wife, mother in law and friends all giving a hand.

As the candidate I’m doing a fair bit of deliveries but my primary role is to meet people and organisations  so they get to know me, I can understand their concerns and help them where possible now. However, how I do in the elections will be firmly down to the legwork the deliverers have put in, so thanks in advance team!

P.S. If you’d like to help or wish to donate to the Bromsgrove Liberal Democrats election campaign then contact me via:


phone: 07545589693

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