Post Office security needs reviewing if they are to remain in our community

The Post Office must do more to prevent violence in their stores. The murder of Craig Hodson-Walker in Fairfield was the tip of the iceberg. Many Post Offices in the parishes of Bromsgrove have been attacked and shopowners are questioning whether it is worth carrying on.

I spoke to Loucas Thomas, owner of Blackwell Convenience Store, which has no Post Office. The previous owners decided to stop running it after suffering a series of attacks. Mr Thomas has been approached to restore the Post Office, but he says the security concerns for him and his family outweigh the business benefits.

The Liberal Democrats are committed to Post Offices as they form a key part of the community. I will be speaking to the Royal Mail and the Police to address the security concerns.

Speaking to Loucas Thomas, owner of Blackwell Convenience Store


Chance of a hung parliament is exactly the time to vote for the Liberal Democrats

The long pre-election campaign has began, with both the Conservatives and Labour wooing Lib Dem voters as neither side can win outright based on current polls. The Conservatives are peddling the line that a hung parliament means a weak government and so people (especially Lib Dems)should vote for them to prevent this and get rid of Labour

In fact a hung parliament is exactly when people should vote Lib Dem. The (lazy) argument for not voting Lib Dem amongst those sympathetic to us is “it’s a wasted vote” or “…never get into power, so doesn’t matter about their policies”. Well in a hung parliament we could be involved in a coalition government, so our policies are more likely to be adopted.

If you believe in fairer and greener taxes, want to scrap tuition fees, letting teachers teach, smaller primary school classes, more local powers to your council, want electoral reform and Vince Cable to guide the UK economy then vote Lib Dem to achieve this!

Choice and representation

On a separate note the Conservatives believe in giving people choice in terms of service provisions such as involving private health and parents running schools. Interesting that for provision of government they are clinging to first past the post even though it clearly reduces choice and is hugely unrepresentative of what people want… Virtually all modern democracies in the world have proportional representative voting system, but not in one of the oldest Democracies in the world, the UK.