Are some politicians really so selfish?!

I really like to think that people who get into politics are going into it for the right reason – to improve society and represent people. My aunt on hearing I was running said

“I hope you’re doing it for the right reasons, unlike a lot of politicians!”.

I truly am doing it for the right reasons but I realise that politicians need to earn that trust through actions which speak louder than words. Anyone can say nice words but doing something about a problem is more important.

The current Bromsgrove MP, Julie Kirkbride, has been staying out of the media limelight since she announced she was stepping down, partly due to her expenses claims. This is understandable, but she seems to be missing in action as critical situations like the review of the Worcestershire Primary Care Trust (PCT) and how Bromsgrove’s Princess of Wales Community Hospital (PoWCH) is run are causing concern to local constituents. Is it because she’s busy trying to secure a £100k job after the general election? Or has she given up doing her job? She is still the constituent MP!

I know there are concerns about the PoWCH and other health issues in Bromsgrove. I am meeting Worcestershire PCT on 5 March, so any concerns/questions I am more than happy to take along to my meeting.

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