A.E. Housman’s birthday celebration

On Friday 26 March I was fortunate enough to attend the birthday commemoration of poet A.E. Housman, Bromsgrove’s most famous son and author of “A Shropshire Lad”. The invite was courtesy of The Housman Society.

A.E. Housman

The event is important as it reinforces to people what Housman contributed to the Arts, but also why so many places in Bromsgrove are called “Housman….”. I know that it’s not always obvious to people. 

Other examples around the country are “De Montfort” (Midlands), after Simon De Montfort, considered “Father of Parliaments” from the 13th Century; and “Hogarth” (Chiswick), famous painter and cartoonist of the 18th Century.

One thought on “A.E. Housman’s birthday celebration

  1. I hope you enjoyed the little ceremony. Who read the poetry this year? We often have Nick Owen, BBC, who is a genuine fan of Housman as well as a Classics graduate. (before he took up sports commentary and BBC presenting).

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