Two horse race in Bromsgrove

It is evident from speaking to thousands of residents in the Bromsgrove constituency that it is a two horse race for the parliamentary seat between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. It is not a safe Conservative seat.

Number of reasons:

  • The Liberal Democrats have a strong candidate who listens and answers voters questions honestly.
  • Expenses scandal is still raw and has lost the Conservatives votes
  • Some voters don’t like the new Conservative candidate’s professional background (investment banker), how he was chosen (central shortlist) or the fact he’s not even from the West Midlands
  • Weak Labour support and campaign
  • Number of independent candidates and the rise of the Bromsgrove Independent Conservatives
  • UKIP will take core Conservative votes away.

If you want a change for a fairer, better Bromsgrove and Britain then vote Liberal Democrat on 6th May.


Chance to meet and quiz Philip Ling

We’ve organised a small number of public meetings so that questions can be asked of me, plans for Bromsgrove and Lib Dem policies.

Monday 26th April, 7.30 – 9pm at Wythall, Woodrush High School,

Tuesday 27th April, 7 – 9pm at St John`s Church Hall, Bromsgrove

Wednesday 28th April, 7 – 9pm at The Wheel,  Blackwell

Sunday 2nd May, 7 – 9pm at Bournheath Village Hall, Bournheath   

Hope to see many of you there.

Warning if I struggle to have anything meaningful to say I’ll just answer “I agree with Nick”…

Yougov shows the Lib Dems ahead by 3%

A Yougov poll out today show the Liberal Democrats on 34%, Conservatives on 31% and Labour on 26%.  Yougov also found:

“Just under half the country (49%) would vote for the Liberal Democrats if they were seen to have a reasonable chance of winning. Only 25% would vote for the Conservative party in these circumstances; a comparatively meagre 19% would vote for Labour.”

We’re not far off that situation to be honest! We’ll be there if we can get to 36-38% in the polls.

Despite days of scrutiny the political opponents are unable to find severe weaknesses in our policies. Just today in the Times several Generals  have said that Trident should be examined.

They “express ‘deep concern’  that the future of Trident has been excluded from the Strategic Defence Review that will follow the election. They caution that suppressing discussion of the issue or dismissing alternatives would be ‘a major strategic blunder’ “.

The key here is “alternatives” as the Liberal Democrats are not saying have no nuclear deterrent, we’re saying are there cheaper forms of nuclear deterrents?

It’s wide open in Bromsgrove not just across the country

Fantastic performance by Nick Clegg in the Prime Minister Debate on Thursday night. It’s filtering through in the polls and activity on my website.

I’ve been saying for months that it’s wide open in Bromsgrove as people are tired of the other two parties and like what the Liberal Democrats say and behave. Over 60% of people I’ve canvassed are undecided and even they have admitted it is unusual, at first I thought it was the expenses scandal and the way the Conservatives have parachuted an investment banker into the area. That is only part of the reason, the main one is they have no idea what the Conservatives are offering.

There will be increased scrutiny of our policies, but we’re expecting that, in fact we’re already ahead of the game and have published detailed figures of our tax plans in our manifesto. Neither the Conservatives or Labour have put a single figure in theirs.

It’s been a relatively clean fight in Bromsgrove, lets hope it remains that way. Nothing worse than mudslinging to put the electorate off.

A fair tax system – income tax threshold increased to £10k

Nick Clegg on Monday outlined Liberal Democrat reform of the tax system to increase the income tax threshold to £10k a year, meaning that 3.6m people will be taken out of taxation and a tax cut of up to £700 a year for most working people and £100 for pensioners.

The proposals will make a huge difference to many people, especially those on low incomes, our proposals will make a bigger difference to ordinary hardworking people than the Conservative scrapping of the National Insurance increase and their marriage tax allowance. The Conservative proposals would give c. £300 back a year, or £450 a year per couple, compared to £1,400 per couple under the Liberal Democrats (married or not).

The change to the tax system will help to remove the poverty trap (which can be removed further in the long run with a local income tax to replace the council tax) encouraging people to work, as well as a great assistance to young people first starting work. The £10k income tax threshold has been welcomed by Lord Digby Jones and Norman Tebbit, not usual Lib Dem supporters, but policies which get cross party support is always good. 

The policy will cost £17bn a year, but will be funded by a mansion tax on properties over £2m, aviation tax on flights not per passenger, changes to the pensions tax relief for higher rate tax payers, aligning Capital Gains Tax with Income Tax to reduce the rich from tax avoidance and anti-avoidance measures.