Chance to meet your candidate

I’ll be at the Hanbury Turn on Sunday 11 April 3-6pm to answer any questions you may have, or just a chance to get to know me. There’ll be tea and cakes provided so do pop along if you get a chance.

The pub is on Hanbury Road, just outside Bromsgrove.

3 thoughts on “Chance to meet your candidate

  1. The Conservatives have made themselves known at each election but over the years sadly we hear very little from anyone else. A village such as Clent receives no free newspapers or county magazines to even have a glimpse of our other candidates. No party ever drop leaflets through our doors other than the conservatives. Bromsgrove is our district but not necessarily the town we shop or socialise in. So we don’t know about meetings, even the Haybridge one, which would have been an ideal one to come along to.
    Give us a chance to vote with confidence.
    Who knows how liberal this area might be if it was given a shake!

    • The extremes of te constituency are poorly served from both the newspapers as well as the other parties. Mainly this comes down to resource. Clent is getting some literature from us, I hope you have/will receive them soon.

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