It’s wide open in Bromsgrove not just across the country

Fantastic performance by Nick Clegg in the Prime Minister Debate on Thursday night. It’s filtering through in the polls and activity on my website.

I’ve been saying for months that it’s wide open in Bromsgrove as people are tired of the other two parties and like what the Liberal Democrats say and behave. Over 60% of people I’ve canvassed are undecided and even they have admitted it is unusual, at first I thought it was the expenses scandal and the way the Conservatives have parachuted an investment banker into the area. That is only part of the reason, the main one is they have no idea what the Conservatives are offering.

There will be increased scrutiny of our policies, but we’re expecting that, in fact we’re already ahead of the game and have published detailed figures of our tax plans in our manifesto. Neither the Conservatives or Labour have put a single figure in theirs.

It’s been a relatively clean fight in Bromsgrove, lets hope it remains that way. Nothing worse than mudslinging to put the electorate off.

2 thoughts on “It’s wide open in Bromsgrove not just across the country

  1. Phil,
    Yes, yet again in Rubery (usually a Labour stronghold) we found yesterday that people are coming our way.
    A paper copy of the manifesto should be arriving at 110 today and is available for everyone wanting to read it – saves trawling through 57 pages on the computer.

  2. Yes Phillip
    The Lib dems are on a roll, and Nick Clegg is on a roll . Things to watch out for are problems re; ‘amnesty’ for illegals, and seeming ‘too close’ to Labour, and need to try to explain how the banking system will be ‘controlled’ without stultifying growth.
    In the next two leaders debates Cameron will try to pull Nick apart on these issues. But you know all this anyway.
    I’m gradually leafletting Clent, but theyre a pretty conservative lot around here…
    Stan Bloxham

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