Politics like life involves compromises

I must admit I never expected a coalition, but at the end of the day it is probably the least worst alternative.

We could not have done nothing. There is a country to be run.

Supporting a Conservative minority government would have been possible but it would have been fragile, most Liberal Democrat policies would not have been enacted and there was the consdierable risk of another election within 12 months.

A coalition with Labour would have been ideal for many supporters but was never practical due to the parliamentary numbers and lack of support from the Labour party itself. A coalition with the Conservatives, although difficult should lead to many Liberal Democrat policies introduced (such as the £10k income tax threshold) and Conservative policies curbed (marriage tax allowance and inheritance tax threshold increase). All the details have still to be announced but this is what coalition government gives you compromise, hopefully of the important and best things for the country.

It’s also why voting for what you want, can make a difference. Although the electoral system is still against the Liberal Democrats, we can point to the 23% of people who voted for our policies when we were negotiating with the Conservatives, it gave us weight to get what our supporters wanted.

I don’t know what the road ahead will be like but at the very least we can say Liberal Democrat policies will have been delivered, we have experience of government and that coalition government can work (hopefully…).


8 thoughts on “Politics like life involves compromises

  1. Tonight a so called progressive party went into government with a party that describes black people as “piccaninnies, some with water melon smiles” –I’m just wondering, have I got the definition of progressive wrong?

    • The words of Boris Johnson…I’m not defending the Conservative party, but we are able to curb the worst of the Conservative party and advance some of our policies.

    • Jacob,
      If you are implying that the Conservative party is inherently racist, I must correct you. In Bromsgrove our own newly elected MP Sajit Javid is of Pakistani ethnicity and I hope that he will be amongst others holding the new Government to account in their handling of asylum and immigration matters. Do not prejudge!

  2. I agree. I have no great love of the Conservatives but I believe the LibDems can still do great things with the position they are in now. A coalition was probably the best route to take under the circumstances. It’ll be interesting to see how things go from here on out.

  3. I think this situation of a Lib Con pact is a complete sell out of principles and values, sometimes you have to stand by your principles however painful or frustating it may be. i placed my vote and trust with the lib dems for a fairer society and a left leaning goverment to try and prevent the tories gaining any sort of power.I now feel totaly betrayed, we now have a situation when the next election rolls around that there is only 1 realistic alternative vote and that is Labour. NEVER AGAIN WILL I VOTE LIB DEM..

    • First of all, I think that if you look at the Labour party`s record in Government during 13 wasted years(apart from the national minimum wage and lots of new build schools, hospitals – again a bit of a PFI sell out?) you will find that they sold out on numerous occasions. Did you support Iraq?? Give the new Government a chance before you decide how to vote in 2015!

  4. I agree with Phil. I hope to see you at the special conference on Sunday. How much chance do you think there is of raising the question of abstention – ie really no vote – and requesting that when a free vote is not possible, our MPs be allowed to vote against a Bill, which is completely against our party`s policy? I do not see this as breaking the co`alition as MPs do vote against their own party on matters of conscience. Over tight party control is not our way.

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