Campaigning never stops: Earls Court By-Election 16th September

Although most people only think of voting during a general election or (sadly) the rare moments they decide to during local or European elections, there are many by-elections going on as a result of death, incumbents stepping down or even scandal.

One such by-election is for a new local councillor for Earls Court due 16th September. The team are working hard canvassing, understanding residents key issues and delivering leaflets (of course!). I’ve been down to give a hand but the team can always do with more help (especially during the morning to deliver to mansion blocks).

Simon Hughes is making an appearance this Saturday to help with the campaign. If you want to help and can do something in the next 2 weeks please contact Robin Meltzer –

3 thoughts on “Campaigning never stops: Earls Court By-Election 16th September

  1. It looks like the LibDems are desperate! No wonder. Much of their publicity in this by-election has been false, and such as has been true favours other candidates, not those who get into bed with the Tories.

    • Desperate? What have I wrote that even suggests we’re desperate? It’s an article commenting that elections are on all the time and if people can help please do. Called pooling resources and is why the Liberal Democrats generally punch above our weight in by-elections.

      Sadly Abbie your tribalist comments are exactly the kind of thing that puts people off politics. What are the false allegations? State them don’t just throw mud. People want to see solutions to problems not name calling.

      As for the coalition with the Tories at the national level well it’s for parliamentary politics, we fight as separate entities in local elections. If you want a two party system then fine – ban all other parties otherwise if no one wins outright coalitions happen.

      If you were to read anything I’ve written I’ve never stated that the Tories are great or Labour are vile then switch positions. Think you’ll find I write objectively and as close to my beliefs as possible.

      P.S. I approve all comments on here and I actually let them all on as debate is good, but it helps if people have something of substance to say.

  2. Some of the Earl’s Court Residents Groups and Tory party members are putting out a public notice telling people not to vote Tory and not to vote LibDem either, because the Lib-Dems have lied and misled residents fraudulenetly. They say of the Lib-Dem candidate, ‘If she is willing to lie and cheat to win this seat, what would she be like if elected?’ They are telling everyone, Tory and LibDem alike, to vote for Elizabeth Arbuthnot, the Independent candidate, instead.

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