Lord Browne’s review – what now?

So Lord Browne’s review has been published and thrown a potential grenade into the coalition. However, his proposals do not have to be implemented, they are merely an indepedent recommendation. I’m not willing to comment until a Government proposal has been put forward, but I obviously want the Lib Dem MPs to stick to the NUS pledge which they, and I, signed at the general election.

Although all this presure on the government is forgetting one thing as “Liesandstats” commented on the Guardian today….

“In the interest of fairness it might be worth pointing out that the last government in the shape on Mandelson commissioned this report which at the time was reported as a ruse to kick the subject of university funding into the long grass until after the election. It was also Labour that introduced tuition fees in the first place in England. University education was free in England up to 1998 when labour introduced a £1000 charge and then upped that to £3000 in 2003.

Its simple you need to decide your finding priorties and make sure your MP knows them. We can waste billions on Afghanistan, Trident but you can’t educate your children.

I suggest you either move to Scotland or go abroad to take a degree it will be a lot cheaper in the long run.

The worrying thing in Scotland is if Labour get in next May we will be in the same boat as you couldn’t really put a fag paper between their policies and the Tory/Lib coalition if they had been returned to power.”

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