A very British problem

Once again Tory Eurosceptics are demanding for a referendum on the EU, powers to be repatriated and even more protection for the City.

Once again they are wrong.

The coalition agreement has stated that a referendum is only applicable when more powers are to be transferred from the UK to Europe, there is no suggestion that this will be the case. Secondly the main issue is for the Euro zone to get its house in order as it is critical to the world economy.

Instead of sniping from the sidelines the UK should be working as hard as possible to steer the Euro into a long term sustainable position, rather than taking sticking plaster solutions. I do agree that inevitably we will need to decide whether the UK is in or out, but now is not the time, there are bigger issues at stake than our own sense of world importance and self rule. We either want to be in “the club”, have peripheral membership but refrain from constant attempts to have things on our term all the time or get out completely.

Lastly, although the City is important to the UK economy, we do seem to bend over backwards for the financial sector and are prone to their lobbying tactics, when more important is the rebalancing of the economy. Come on actions not just words on a new economy.