Action on the housing crisis now

Escalating property prices, and inaction by the Tory council, have created a housing crisis in London, and we must act now. Regardless of who wins the General Election, there is action that can be taken locally.

Wandsworth Borough Council has a target of 33% properties to be affordable in new developments. However, developments consistently miss this target. House prices across Wandsworth have reached stratospheric levels even by the usual standards of London, up by 18% in 2014. The rental market is largely unregulated and where housing is built it is largely for the super-rich and transient.

Wandsworth Liberal Democrats have started a petition calling on the Council to do the following:
● Ensure all new property development have at least 33% affordable homes
● Any social housing sold under ‘right to buy’ is replaced
● Economic viability of developments to be made available publicly as part of planning committee submission

Do sign our petition here

Wandsworth Council has repeatedly failed in their responsibility to ensure that sufficient housing is provided for all members of the community. Our petition is calling for action now. Housing costs will begin to cripple our future economic growth and force even more ordinary and young people out of areas like Tooting, Earlsfield and Balham.

Nationally the Liberal Democrats are fighting for:

  • 300,000 homes a year built, with more garden cities, using a housing investment bank to kick start investment, like the green investment bank has done.
  • “rent-to-own homes” scheme – monthly payments equivalent to rent build up a share in their home, without requiring a deposit. After 30 years, occupants would gain full ownership of the property.
  • Improved quality of rental properties
    – From April 2018 private landlords will not be able to rent out properties which do not meet minimum energy efficiency standards;
    – From April 2016 residential private landlords can’t unreasonably turn down a tenant’s request for energy efficiency improvements.
  • Protecting tenants from revenge evictions, so tenants don’t face the prospect of losing their home simply for asking that repairs be made
  • Maintaining, and increasing, the social housing stock

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