The two most common questions I’ve been asked by friends and family since being a PPC

  1. Have you quit work to campaign?
  2. Are you getting paid to campaign?

Answer to the first question is no I’m still working, unfortunately I can’t afford not to, and as I’ve stated in a previous post many candidates still work, apart from those who are rich or party officials. This is a worrying trend if people want more everyday people to represent them.

Second question is answered really by the first. No candidate from any party (as far as I know) is paid to campaign for their seat, if they already work for the party then it’s slightly different.

That’s not to say I won’t be campaigning hard, just means taking more leave, coming to an agreement with work and relying on an efficient local party machine – luckily the local exec are well organised 🙂

Hope that’s answered a couple of common questions and how a PPC gets around it.