Experience of a rookie election candidate in the Guardian

Article in the Guardian by Susanna Rustin on her experience of running in the Queen’s Park Westminster Council By-election for the Greens (and she beat the Lib Dem candidate to boot…). Gives you an insight of what’s required at a low level, multiply that by 100 times for a General Election as every breathing moment (awake or asleep) is consumed by strategy, what you’re going to say, are you meeting enough of the right people, press releases etc.

Still wouldn’t change anything apart from the first 3 months of 2010 being warmer otherwise canvassing will be a miserable affair (few voters will want to speak on the doorstep and not much fun for my team either).


Successful weekend in Bromsgrove

Spent a good 24 hours canvassing and understanding issues in Bromsgrove followed by the party’s pub quiz. 

Out canvassing people are always happy to talk even if it’s just a grumble about politicians (surprisingly didn’t get that many). A couple of observations:

  1. People with dogs are very chatty and the nicest bunch to speak to.
  2. Much like I would be if I wasn’t out and about, a large number of people were still in dressing gowns at 12.30 on a Saturday, surprisingly they also seem the most likely to engage in conversation on the doorstep!

At the pub quiz we managed to raise enough money to send a round of literature to half the constituency, so not loads, but for a small local party vital funding. Equally as important was meeting people, especially youngsters (can walk fast and for longer!), who can help in the campaign canvassing and delivering literature.