A long campaign coming to fruition for Equitable Life Pensioners

I wrote previously how I’d signed a petition in support of Equitable Life pensioners and how they’d been fighting for over 10 years to get  fair compensation from government maladministration. The fight, although long, should be over soon, as the new coalition government has announced in the Queens Speech to compensate all Equitable Life pensioners, even the families of those policyholders who have since passed away since the debacle.

It is expected that the first compensation will be paid out within 12 months, which really can;’t come soon enough for many pensioners.

I look forward to chalking off more Liberal Democrats policies and campaigns being implemented and making a real improvement to people’s lives.


Lib Dems fighting for a fair deal for Equitable Life pensioners

I recently met with the Equitable Life Members Action Group (EMAG) in Wythall to support their campaign for Equitable Life pensioners to be compensated after the demise of the company’s pension scheme in 2000.

Over 1 million pensioners are affected nationwide (1,000 in Bromsgrove) and the Parliamentary Ombudsman has found government regulation was at fault and recommended compensation should be provided. However, this has not been forthcoming.

Joy Coley, activist with Bromsgrove EMAG, said “We are still waiting 10 years later for justice and compensation. The Liberal Democrats have consistently supported our cause and at present are the only political party that can be trusted to give the Equitable Pensioners reasonable compensation.”

It is a disgrace that the Government has found billions to bail out the banks, but over the last 10 years has not paid a single penny to Equitable Life pensioners. The Government shouldn’t compensate for company failures but in this case it was poor regulation by successive governments which were found to be at fault. Almost 40,000 people have died waiting to be compensated. The Liberal Democrats will seek a fair resolution as soon as possible in the next parliament.

Signing the EMAG petition for Equitable Life pensioners to be compensated