The work of an MP

Article by Simon Hughes  in the Guardian on being a constituency MP for Southwark and Bermondsey. I’ve met Simon a few times and he’s always struck me as very diligent, and like all good MPs has a photographic memory of faces and names. He writes

“It is a seven-day, 80-hour a week job being a constituency MP. Every day by phone, letter, email or simply being stopped in the street, people ask for help. Everything from finance to helping bury a relative to business support for the latest love potion.”

The funniest section for me was below.

“There is always a load to laugh about. Canvassing reveals a large number of people at home with no clothes on – and still clearly happy to answer the door (now you understand the genesis of my campaign for better insulation and lower fuel bills).”

That’s certainly never happened in Bromsgrove, and hopefully long may it continue!


It’s tough work winning a parliamentary election

Just watched “Make Me An MP”  a documentary following John Smeaton, who was a bit of a hero in Glasgow after his efforts in preventing a terrorist attack in Glasgow airport in 2007, efforts to be an MP in the recent Glasgow East Bye Election. Despite being recognisable with lots of interest and kind words from the public he only mustered 258 votes, finishing 8th out of 13 candidates. Was slightly surprised he didn’t do a bit better but I know he didn’t work half as hard as other candidates are doing for other seats, but more on that tomorrow