Campaigning never stops: Earls Court By-Election 16th September

Although most people only think of voting during a general election or (sadly) the rare moments they decide to during local or European elections, there are many by-elections going on as a result of death, incumbents stepping down or even scandal.

One such by-election is for a new local councillor for Earls Court due 16th September. The team are working hard canvassing, understanding residents key issues and delivering leaflets (of course!). I’ve been down to give a hand but the team can always do with more help (especially during the morning to deliver to mansion blocks).

Simon Hughes is making an appearance this Saturday to help with the campaign. If you want to help and can do something in the next 2 weeks please contact Robin Meltzer –


The work of an MP

Article by Simon Hughes  in the Guardian on being a constituency MP for Southwark and Bermondsey. I’ve met Simon a few times and he’s always struck me as very diligent, and like all good MPs has a photographic memory of faces and names. He writes

“It is a seven-day, 80-hour a week job being a constituency MP. Every day by phone, letter, email or simply being stopped in the street, people ask for help. Everything from finance to helping bury a relative to business support for the latest love potion.”

The funniest section for me was below.

“There is always a load to laugh about. Canvassing reveals a large number of people at home with no clothes on – and still clearly happy to answer the door (now you understand the genesis of my campaign for better insulation and lower fuel bills).”

That’s certainly never happened in Bromsgrove, and hopefully long may it continue!

Action not words on Climate Change

Yesterday I attended the climate change march in Central London with over thirty thousand protestors from the Lib Dems, Oxfam to the Anglican church. The march was calling on World Leaders to agree a deal at the Copenhagen Summit It was a good march, everyone was good natured and even the weather was set fair, even if it was slightly cold as we waited 2 hours before the march began. It was good to see a real mixture of people and age ranges. Simon Hughes the Lib Dem Climate Change and Energy spokesman was there to rally the troops during the march.

Liberal Democrats at the Climate Change March

Simon Hughes rallying the troops in a an old blue ski suit (theme was blue...)

 I don’t believe that doing nothing and burying our heads in the sand is the right way to approach environmental concerns. Regardless of whether you believe climate change is happening or not, we will soon be approaching peak oil (if we’re not already there), and any action to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels surely cannot be a bad thing when we know it will run out soon. 

With Ian McGrath, Bromley Lib Dem members secretary and former Bromsgrove High pupil c.1953