My political beliefs

The three themes which stand closest to my heart are:

Opportunity for all

I believe in a society which offers opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to succeed. This should be through a fair tax system which not only rewards those who work hard, but encourages those at the bottom to work by removing the poverty trap. An education system which allows the brightest to progress with proper alternatives to a formal academic education. A decent retirement for pensioners and social care for those who need it. In essence, a Liberal society.

Thinking long term

Being prepared to think long term and back policies which may only bear fruit in 5+ years time such as transport, environment, energy, social and educational issues. An example would be increased rehabilitation of prisoners, of whom over 65% reoffend on release, by investing in skills, drugs counselling and encouraging opportunities in society. This would benefit them, and the public, in the long run with a reduced crime rate and a better society.

Positive politics

I want to restore trust by my actions, in proving that there is (and evident in the Lib Dems) decency and morality in politics. I will be advocating positive politics where solutions, not criticism, is the main theme. Where I agree with opponents I will say so rather than create false dividing lines for political purposes. I also want to create a society which has increased trust in each other and remove the politics of fear, where negativity and prejudice are used to win votes or sell papers.


4 thoughts on “My political beliefs

  1. Phil,
    I agree entirely with your `What I stand for` page. Your values should be those of all MPs; I wish they were!
    My ambition in 2010 is to work as hard as I can to get you elected in a town which needs a real shake up!
    My priorities for our campaign are
    1 Fairer taxation system with A NEW TAX THRESHOLD OF £10,000.
    2 More emphasis on localism whereby local authorities have more discretion on spending and raising revenue.
    3 A complete rethink of our defence system with the aim of becoming a non-nuclear (should I say post-nuclear?) state within a decade.
    And I shall look forward to defending these policies(hopefully even the third) on the doorstep.

  2. I consider that to contemplate giving up our nuclear deterrent at this time is a dereliction of duty to protect the citizens of this country.I am also concerned about the proposal to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. Is this proposed for those currently not accounted for or is it for all future illegals ? If this is not so how do you propose to control future immigration ?

    • The Liberal Democrats are not proposing to give up our nuclear deterrent, this will remain. We are asking whether there are cheaper alternatives to Trident. We are proposing to include Trident in the Defence Review due in June 2010. The Conservative and Labour party are not looking to include Trident in the Defence Review, which we and former military leaders think is wrong.

      On the “amnesty”, we are looking to do this as a one off for migrants who have been in the UK for 10 years, speak English, have no criminal record and will do some community service to pay for being here illegally, then they will be able to have UK citizenship. It is only for migrants who are here now. Future illegal migration will be much lower when we strengthen our borders, tackle illegal migrant employment and hit traffickers hard.

      The other parties are ignoring the problem. They are either saying do nothing, or try to round people up and deport them. However, this is almost impossible if you don’t know where they are. By definition no party knows how many illegal migrants there are in the UK. In a one off policy to give citizenship to some migrants, we will prevent them from being abused, ensure they pay taxes and will not have UK employers avoiding tax as well and undercut wages for British workers.

  3. Phil,
    I have always vote Labour, but having listened to the debates, I believe its time for a change and find that Lib dem thinking is closer to my own.
    The proposed £10000 pound tax threshold will benefit the lower paid and may also encourage the long term unemployed back to work.

    A few years ago I would have been horrified at an amnesty to illegal immigrants, but thinking about it we’ve had many years of failing to locate them, at least this way we will know where they are bring them into the tax system and onto an equal par when competing with British tax paying workers. Capping and points wont work as 80% of immigrant workers are from the EU.

    We don’t need to replace Trident just yet its not broken and I sure we could sweat the asset for a few more years.

    The only thing I’m not sure on is “Green Technology” I do feel we will need a lot of windmills to keep the lights on in the future and maybe nuclear power shouldn’t be discarded.

    wishing you and your party all the best on May 6th

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